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  • Considerations for selection of Solar EVA Encapsulants

    Considerations for selection of EVA Encapsulants Since decades, photovoltaic modules have been encapsulated with crosslinked Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets as they still provide the most optimal solution for packaging solar cells with the required degree of environmental protection. However apart from just long term protection, encapsulants serve multiple other purposes also. They physically hold … Continued

  • Field Issues in Crystalline Solar PV Modules

    Field issues in Crystalline Solar PV Modules One key factor in reducing the costs of photovoltaic systems is to increase the reliability and the service lifetime of the PV modules. Solar modules undergo harsh environmental stresses under constant variations of temperature and humidity. In addition, the modules also have to withstand 25 years in such … Continued

  • Solar Module Retesting Guidelines

    Solar Module Retesting Guidelines Changes in material selection, components and manufacturing process can impact electrical performance and reliability of the solar module. Considering the required 25 years lifetime from solar photovoltaics modules, it is important to undergo retesting in case of any major changes to the bill of material.  Those products meeting the requirements of … Continued

  • MNRE Accredited Test Laboratories

    List of MNRE accredited test laboratories IEC 61215 certification is a recurring test procedure that needs to be undertaken by any module manufacturer every five years. Currently The following MNRE accredited test laboratories undertake IEC 61215 qualification testing on Solar photovoltaic modules: S. No. Lab/ Organisation Specifications Address Website 1 National Institute of Solar Energy … Continued

  • Excise exemption on Brij Encapsulants

    In the Union Budget presentation 2014, Honourable Finance Minister, Shri. Arun Jaitley announced Excise exemption for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sheet used in manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells or modules, vide notification no. 12/2014-Central Excise, dated 11th July 2014, serial no. 148A. According to the notification, for availing the exemption, manufacturers are required to attain a certificate of approval from Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) recommending the grant of this exemption and certifying that the said goods are required for the specified purpose.

  • Test standards for solar EVA encapsulants

    Test standards for solar EVA encapsulants A Crystalline module though looks simple, is a combination of highly engineered materials working together in tandem to harness energy. Thus each and every component used affects its quality, durability and is as important as any other. One such component is the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) encapsulant. This transparent … Continued

  • Lamination: Key to module durability

    Lamination is the most important process in making of solar modules. A good laminate ensures long life and durability of PV modules whereas an improper one can lead to early or premature module failures. Understanding the complete process not only helps in producing a better product but also reduces losses like cell breakage, air bubbles and delamination, which mostly occurs due to incorrect processing parameters.